Spread Happiness..Share Bible Verses

Happiness is a contagious feeling, I know you will agree with me…When we’re happy, we want to share our feelings to everyone. Or maybe you already experience this when your loved ones are happy, you will also feel happiness.

You might ask, what are the the different ways to make people happy? There are so many ways to spread happiness. Let me suggest one way, a very simple way to spread happiness.

Maybe you already tried sharing inspirational quotes to some of your friends by texting them, or sharing tweets, posting quotes in facebook and other social media.

How about sharing bible verses about happiness? I know some of you will not agree with me.. Why? Because, it will takes a lot of time finding those verses about happiness in the bible. There are so many verses in the bible and if you don’t know where to look for them, it’s very time consuming. Or some of you don’t own a bible to look for those verses.

That’s why it comes to my mind to create a collection of bible verses about happiness grouped according to books in the bible.  I hope this collection of bible verses will make you happy and will inspire you to share and spread more happiness.

To share bible verses about happiness..Click Here..


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